Davide Demichelis -ENG


Freelancer and documentary-maker, he spent more than half of his fifty years of life traveling for work. He writes everything he can, wherever he can: the web, newspapers, the radio, books and, most importantly, for the TV (La Stampa, Panorama, Radio Svizzera Italiana, Baldini & Castoldi, National Geographic, NHK and many others). As he was not born in the trade, he took personal risks to do what he believes is the best job in the world: he spent his own money to travel, and sometimes risked his life too (despite the notorious immobility of people from Turin… where he is from). Kilometer after kilometer, things have changed a bit. Since the beginning of this millennium, he works mainly with RaiTre. Author and presenter of a few hundred documentaries and reportages shot in about 80 countries for Il pianeta delle Meraviglie, Timbuctu, I viaggi di Davide, Geo, Nanuk, Kilimangiaro. Creator, author and presenter of Radici, broadcast by RaiTre.